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Suffield Meadow South Board of Directors

Nancy Marinaro, President

Laurie Cariseo, Secretary

Michael Graziano, Treasurer


“What is it like to be part of the Board of Directors?” Well, it’s taking some time to share your skills in communication, bookkeeping, letter writing, and project management. It's welcoming new neighbors, and making sure the front entrance looks beautiful. It is making Suffield Meadow South a desirable place to live.


The positions and general duties performed by the current Board are:


  • President – develops and maintains long term capital expense plans. Researches and coordinates capital expense projects from planning and budgeting to completion. Oversees the budget of SMS, establishes meeting agendas, responds to resident’s concerns sent to the condo association, establishes and seeks input from other Board members. Interacts and consults with Management Company and Board members.
  • Vice President  & Treasurer – assists in project development of the condominiums, maintains general monthly spreadsheet and revenue streams.
  • Secretary – takes minutes for meetings. Contributes to discussions on various projects and condominium association business.


All Board members work together with the property manager to make business decisions impacting the association. This includes soliciting, reviewing, and evaluating quotes from contractors. Most importantly, the Board has made it a priority to personally reach out to homeowners and has offered an open line of communication regarding homeowner questions and concerns through the property manager.


The current Board recently accomplished streamlining association documents so that future Boards have clear guidelines and rules of operation. This also serves the community in an efficient way to address their questions or concerns. On a regular basis, Board members must:


  • Hold monthly Board meetings open to the residents
  • Appoint committees
  • Communicate with residents
  • Investigate inquiries regarding violations, maintenance and other pertinent issues
  • Enforce penalties for violations
  • Enforce the bylaws and other governing documents
  • Make decisions regarding litigation
  • Hire and monitor building management
  • Establish sound fiscal policies
  • Maintain operating within the approved fiscal budget
  • Maintain the reserve budget
  • Respond to owner concerns


Of the 64 homeowners, we hope that there are some who can share a minimal amount of time to help manage the business of the neighborhood and to help educate fellow neighbors about how to keep Suffield Meadow South a great place to live. We all strive to remain a community-elected, professionally advised Condo Association! Help us do that by considering volunteering your time and skills. Feel free to attend a Board of Directors meeting to learn more about how you can contribute.


The monthly date and location is noted in the calendar. Our meeting time is 7:00pm. Click here for our 2020 Meeting Calendar.









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